March 4, 2022

Eli Montreuil is overcoming resistance and saving sea turtles in Costa Rica with NFTs

Eli Montreuil is overcoming resistance and saving sea turtles in Costa Rica with NFTs

In the third episode of Minted, I interview Eli. A French-Canadian artist who went from avoiding NFTs to succesfully selling a small collection in just a few months. Her work has raised money for a non-profit in Costa Rica (where she now lives) called Sea Turtles Forever. Eli's story provides inspiration for artists and designers who are new to the NFT space. Her journey is honest and full of setbacks. Which is what it takes to overcome resistance when trying something new.

In the show we talk about:

- Eli's moment of insipiration when she came face to face with a turtle

- How Eli overcame resistance to learn about NFTs and create her own collection

- Why meeting other women into NFTs on TikTok motivated her to look deeper into NFTs

- Why saving Turtles matter, and how NFTs could be used by charities in future to raise money

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