Support the show

Minted is an independant podcast. As a result, the show survives on listener support, sponsors, and being an affiliate to NFT/crypto services that provide value to our listeners. Donations are a great way to support the show directly. 

The research, interviews, voice-overs, editing, mixing, and mastering are done by one person. Dontations help to support the ongoing cost of producing the show and to upgrade equipment. To give you a sense of costs, here's a breakdown of current monthly expenses:

Purpose Apps / Services Monthly Cost
Podcast & website hosting Captivate, Podpage $40
Licensed music $25
Visual design/marketing Canva, ConvertKit $15
Editing, mixing & transcripts Descript, Hindenburg $30-$100+ (depending if additional audio plugins required)
Recording Squadcast $20 (+ cost of recording equipment over time)
  TOTAL $130+ per month